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July 19, 2018

Every business manifests from an idea. There may be a need, a want or a desire to do and achieve something and at its core, an idea that this may be feasible and provide a desirable service for many people.

This story starts what seems a lifetime ago, as someone who had no idea about the workings of the furniture world. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to work for a well-known furniture retailer in the country and learn the landscape with a fresh set of eyes and an eagerness to learn. As time progressed, a new and upcoming market was being established in the form of furniture e-commerce – highly untested and unproven in such a competitive and high-end market.

Fast forward a few years and life has come full circle to the point where I’ve been able to take the knowledge I’ve learned first-hand, apply and improve what I believed to be the downfalls of the existing models in the marketplace. There appears to be some norms as a furniture retailer, whether it be a traditional bricks and mortar store or an online presence – styles, colours and especially lead times.

Buying furniture is always a ‘considered purchase’ and shouldn’t be seen as a mundane chore. It should be fun and exciting from start to finish. Everyone has a unique taste, style and want. Deciding on what to introduce into your home is a big decision. Our home is our refuge and where we can add our most personal touches to design, ethos and lifestyle, one we all want to be proud of. You spend your time visiting showrooms, trawling countless web pages, scrolling through Instagram and pinning boards on Pinterest. You finally find what you’re looking for and then abruptly, you’re told that you will have to wait a couple of months or more! Disappointing, right?

With Five Fables, I wanted to make a statement that you can maintain the excitement by knowing that the item you lust after can be yours without the dreaded long lead time and once you’ve made your purchase, that the item is already ready to go for immediate delivery.

That was the idea. Remove the hassle of buying furniture. Have beautiful product, ready to go, without the price tag.